Timbi Workshop (Free) @ AVARTS Festival, Greece

26/05/2021 (16:00-17:00 EEST) | BST (UK) 14.00 | JST (Japan) 22.00

Details: https://bit.ly/3oL96Sn
Registration: https://bit.ly/3oOfrfH


We are sending Timbiliki@ to MARS on July 2026!

Game review by boston games

" You may be familiar with current methods of philanthropy through gaming, such as fundraisers through streaming services like Twitch where players can make donations as they watch a game stream, or websites like Humble Bundle that donate a portion of their game sales and subscriptions. These methods are fantastic and have helped to fund a lot of good causes, but what if there was a way to integrate gaming and giving in a way we have not really seen in the gaming industry yet?

Two game studios, Keep•It•Human and Manusamo & Bzika, have put together a gaming architecture that has successfully implemented a new gaming philanthropy method. Their new title, Timbi World, does this by linking progress during gameplay to real world rewards; for instance, if you unlock an in-game skateboard you are helping Timbi World donate an educational skate pack to Maputo Skate in Mozambique, Africa. Through Timbi World's efforts with the Maputo Skate Project hundreds of children are now able to access a skate sporting program that will make a positive difference in their lives - pretty cool! This is just one way this title is making a difference."


You can now follow our twitter feed! https://twitter.com/timbiworld
Timbi World ㋡: @timbiworldlinktr.ee/timbiworld
Multiplayer open-world adventure game ➳ Fancy being a musical calabash? はじめまして! 
Nominated for best videogame award 2020 by Avav. 
Manchester • Valencia • Berlin 
Se unió en diciembre de 2020

Timbi World Bandcamp - Album Cover

We are on bandcamp!!

We just uploaded a couple of music tracks from the game onto Bandcamp! Listen...

Photographic session with 3D-printed models

We are thrilled to disclose some of the first images of our photographic session by the Mediterranean sea, capturing the same light and seashore which inspired the creation of the game. All real! No filters!

Timbi WORLD at Insonic 2020, zkm

The ZKM | Hertz-Lab host year's edition of the »inSonic« Festival, examining the shifts, transitions and expansions in the field of music and sound art. Exploring to the use of disruptive technologies, like »Machine Learning« or concepts such as »Extended Reality« in videogaming.

Timbi Arena Concert: MANTIS Festival 2020

First -ever live broadcasting in-game concert event. Invited guest, Mark Pilkington

Nomination: Best video game award

Timbila Live Aid nominated forr best videogame award by Instituto Valenciano Audiovisual


Game Launch at ARS Electronica

9 Sept 2020 - Game Launch!!